I support family companies on their journey to a sustainable future


Effective support in the realignment of companies, primarily in case of generation changes, globalisation (from knowledge transfer to active site selection) as well as industry-specific sales development based on the competitive situation and market environment.

Emergency scenario

Effective restructuring support, from moderation in the case of restructuring opinions according to IDW S6/S11 and M&A process management incorporating change of control to negotiating long-term agreements relating to real estate at the shareholders' behest.


Effective assistance in the development of new business fields, based on industry expertise and a profound understanding of value creation. Targeted adjustment of production, assembly and testing techniques to the relevant market and purpose. Strengths and weaknesses analysis of current products and processes.

Who I am, what has shaped me – and what I can do for family companies

"The future needs a past."

(Hans-Georg Gadamer)

Born into and raised in an entrepreneurial family in the third generation, I am conscious of the special responsibility the family assumes in business. The qualities arising from self-employment have always been an inherent part of my nature: taking the initiative, seizing and making the most of opportunities, developing a clear vision as to where the journey is going in order to map out well-defined milestones to the envisaged goals.

A particularly enduring influence has been the strategic goal of my family company, for generations a technology leader offering significant added value for premium customers, to be a successful market player.

Entrepreneurial spirit: my grandfather, Willi Elbe

"To live is not merely to breathe, it is to act“

(Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

After graduating from Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences as an engineer specialising in production and logistics, my main aim was to gain fresh insights in another company outside the family business. When I was offered the chance to take part in a management programme, I was faced with a decision that would be of crucial significance for my future career. At this point, I opted for the family business.

Initially, I attached importance to not working at headquarters, instead filling a vacancy for a factory manager at a site some distance away with the aim of gaining a sound understanding of the value chain from the bottom up.

After moving to the headquarters, I worked successfully with the second generation of the family for several years and gradually assumed responsibility, first of all for accounts, and later for suppliers. On taking a seat on the board, I was granted representation rights, and soon after, I was appointed as sole managing partner.

Following the sale of the company and the new owner's decision to introduce new management, it was time for me to explore new avenues and to share my varied experience and core competencies with other family companies as a business consultant.

"Competency acts – incompetency reacts“

(Stefan Rogal)

With 20 years of active managerial experience in production, material management and sales, combined with the strategic development of a premium supplier to the automotive industry, I possess the deep knowledge and holistic approach required to implement change management processes in response to new challenges. I am experienced in the areas of succession, family company and business development, and support entrepreneurial families with clear concepts to actively shape the future.

They can rely on my strong leadership skills, strategic thinking and high level of creativity when it comes to seeking new approaches to solving problems. A clear, structured approach, paired with consummate negotiating skills, go without saying. Extensive experience of restructuring including successful change of control and negotiating long-term lease agreements for real estate owned by former shareholders complete my core competencies.

"Only those who know their goal, finds the way“

(Lao Tzu)

Every task needs a clearly defined goal. Combined with experience and expertise, this enables answers to be found even for exacting tasks, be they of a strategic or operative nature (such as digitalisation).

From me, you can expect effective value-based cooperative support in on-going or upcoming decision-making processes, based on profound knowledge and many years of self-employment; it is independent and experienced, also in special cases and in various areas.

Industry 4.0

"Pulling a good network together takes effort, sincerity and time"

(Alan Collins)

In addition to my long-established network of customer contacts in the premium segment of the automotive industry and a host of global supplier contacts, specialists in many sectors complement my industrial know-how.

Furthermore, as a long-standing member of diverse networks, I have access to a growing number of select competency partners who help in taking the right decisions in almost all areas. 

"There is only one proof of ability: action"

(Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)

Below are four examples of projects for which I was responsible from start to finish:

Development of a new company structure, including the relevant company agreements and remuneration models for the management.

Successful establishment of independent companies in China, Mexico and Bulgaria, including planning and implementation of the legal structure, property scouting, acquisition and building of production facilities and finally, employee recruitment.

Selection and integration of a global system world comprising ERP (SAP), MES (MPDV) and SOFTWARE for quality and project management (Böhme & Weihs) on three continents.

Multiple successful extension of existing production facilities with a corresponding deconcentration of production chains and country-specific process integration.

Signing the property sale agreement in China

Value-based: qualities you can rely on

My logo visualises the four qualities that distinguish the cooperative support I provide.

Well done!

At the end of the project you should be able to say that everything went smoothly, without a hitch, and that the cooperation was professional, well-structured, and agreeable. Basically, a success all around ...

Thinking globally together

No matter whether you have global tasks or I involve partners from my worldwide network, in a globalised world, you have to look beyond national boundaries. I always think and act globally.

Developing positively

If you seek cooperation with me, you want to change something. And, of course, this change must have an impact. Together, we draft a strategy and embark on our journey, taking each step at a time.

My Christian convictions

Reflecting my character and attitudes, I promise to do my utmost according to the values I hold dear: trust, respect, sincerity and morals are not compromised in the sometime cut-throat business world.

Steeled in the automotive industry

20 years of high-performance supplying in the premium segment

The automotive industry is one of the strongest, but also the most exacting of industries. It not only contributes significantly to value creation, employment and foreign trade, but also generates vital stimuli for Germany as a research and innovation hub. Drawing on 20 years' experience, a host of challenging projects, and dealings with decision makers of the most prestigious brands, I am not only confident that I will offer you sound expertise in this industry, but also that I can apply this wealth of experience to other industries as well.

Attractive employers

I am involved in a network of attractive employers. Behind this community of shared values are experienced personalities who are prime movers in the areas of employee recruitment and training, consultancy, and of network building and development of networks, and who can generate significant added value. In their work, these experts use proven processes and tools that have already yielded positive results in many companies.

Strategy + innovation

  • Location analysis
  • Organisation and processes
  • M&A
  • Company succession

Finances + systems

  • Remuneration and benefits
  • IT and software
  • Data protection
  • Legal and Tax advice

Personnel + workplace

  • Executive education
  • Management development
  • Direct recruitment
  • Attractive workplace

Branding + reputation

  • InformationService for deciders
  • ValuesCompass Employer Index

Family character

Entrepreneurial families have to keep a constant eye on work, results, performance and earnings. Yet, at heart, entrepreneurial families are families, and a balance must be struck between business and individual interests so that the latter is not neglected. Harmonising entrepreneurship and family structures must be acknowledged as an important task, and working on solutions for it calls for sustained commitment. For, to quote Seneca: "It is not that we have a short time to live, but that we waste most of it."

No-obligation consultation

Words mean nothing. Only deeds count. Therefore, seize the opportunity and take up my offer of a no-obligation first consultation now. Apart from a little of your time, you have nothing to lose.

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